About Us

Why Israel 2.0?

You already know that Israel is an incredible place. But was your last trip to Israel too short and left you wanting more? Are you interested in returning for another chance to walk the ancient hills and modern streets and learn more about the heritage that makes Israel our homeland? Then Israel 2.0 is for you.

About Us

Israel 2.0 is a registered non-profit organization that sponsors educational tours to Israel for Jewish college students and young professionals in North America. Israel 2.0 works in coordination with several Jewish organizations across college campuses and cities throughout the US and Canada and targets adults of all Jewish backgrounds, ages 18-28. Israel 2.0 features consistent, effective and dedicated follow-up programing for participants upon their return to keep alumni growing and engaged, including: follow-up trips, special conferences and pro-Israel events.

Mission Statement

Israel 2.0’s mission is to provide young Jewish adults with the opportunity to reconnect with Israel and their Jewish heritage in a deep and meaningful way.


  1. To strengthen participants' Jewish identity and their connection to Judaism
  2. To empower participants to be knowledgeable, articulate ambassadors for the state of Israel across college campuses, in work environments and elsewhere
  3. To inspire participants to take responsibility and action regarding social issues facing their local and global communities