Sample Itinerary

Part 1

Day 1

  • Arrive in Tel Aviv
  • Visit Save a Child's heart
  • Museum of Deaf and Blind Group Dynamic
  • Night out in Tel Aviv

Day 2

  • Visit an Israeli High Tech company
  • Tour of Jaffa Port
  • Walking tour of  the Carmel Market
  • Evening Program
  • Dinner and Free Night in Tel Aviv

Day 3

  • Departure to the North
  • Bike Ride around the Kineret
  • Kayaking in the  Jordan River
  • Visit Kibbutz Misgav Am-  Stategic Lookout
  • Group Dynamic

Day 4

  • Beautiful Hike in the Golan Heights
  • Visit the world famous Golan Winery
  • Visit the "Valley of Tears" and Mount Bental
  • Group Dynamic
  • Free Night in Tiberias

Day 5

  • Kabala 101
  • Walking Tour of the  ancient city of Tzfat
  • Visit local artist and walk around the art colony
  • Shabbat Program in Tzfat

Day 6

  • Optional Services
  • Group Dynamic
  • Shabbat Lunch
  • Tour of Tzfat Part 2
  • Shabbat Conclusion
  • Boat Ride in Tiberias

Day 7

  • Morning Program **
  • Departure to Gush Etzion
  • Tour of the Ancient city of Hebron
  • Visit the cave of Machpelah - Burial Place of the Forefathers
  • Visit a community in Gush Etzion
  • Speech and discussion with a community leader
  • Dinner at the Gush Etzion Winery

Part 2

Day 8

  • Morning Programs *
  • Afternoon Theme: The Old City of Jerusalem
  • Visit the Western Wall
  • Walking tour of the famous kotel tunnels
  • Free time in the Old City of Jerusalem

Day 9

  • Morning Programs *
  • Afternoon Theme: Israel Advocacy
  • Visit Sderot Media Center
  • Tour of Sderot
  • Bedouin dinner and camping in the desert

Day 10

  • Camel Ride
  • Swiming at the Dead Sea
  • ATVs in the Judean Hills
  • Love, Dating, and Marriage Seminar
  • Free Night

Day 11

  • Discovery Seminar
  • Free Evening

Day 12

  • Morning Tracks
  • Visit Machane Yehuda (the Jewish market) on Erev Shabbat
  • Pre Shabbat concert
  • Kabbalat Shabbat at the Western Wall
  • Shabbat Program

Day 13

  • Optional Services
  • Group Dynamic
  • Shabbat Program
  • The Power of One
  • Free night

Day 14

  • Yeshiva and Jewel Day
  • Final banquet


* Morning Programs will be dynamic discussions and classes on topics like "Genesis and the Big Bang", "The secrets of the Hebrew language", "Crash Course on Jewish History", the meaning of the holidays, the way of the kabala, jewish ethics and other explorations of Jewish spirituality and identity.

** Morning Tracks will consist in having engaging conversations and informal "shmoozes" on 3 different themes: Self Growth, Relationships and Jewish People. Topics include: Love,dating and marriage, free will, friendship, the 5 levels of pleasure. morality, the holocaust, happiness and many more amazing discussions

Please not the above itinerary could be subject to change, The itinerary might vary from trip to trip!